What Are the Steps to a Smooth Recovery Data Recovery Process?

Nowadays data loss has become a common occurrence which is why it is not surprising to hear. As the amount of new technology increases day by day, so does the amount of data loss. This is because in the past people used paper pens to store most of the information but now people use different electronic devices to store data. These types of electronic devices such as mobile, computer, laptop, hard drive, SSD, etc. Usually when such devices are damaged due to various reasons, the data is lost if it is broken or if you intentionally, accidentally delete the data. However, most of the time people have to be frustrated when the necessary data is lost. However, now people can recover data in different ways if data is lost.

But there are still many people who do not know how to recover data properly. Today I will discuss some important data recovery process steps for a smooth recovery.

When data is lost, people usually have to recover data in two main situations. Many times a person loses the necessary data but his device such as computer and hard drive remains intact. Suppose your data has been accidentally deleted from your computer or your data has been corrupted by a computer virus. In this case, you need to recover the data. In another case, you may need to recover the data, as if your device, machine or hard drive are no longer usable. Suppose that in the event of a catastrophic fire or fire in your office, if your devices are damaged or misused, you may need to recover the data as well as the disaster. This is how you can recover your data if you take the right steps. If you want to recover data quickly, you need to take the necessary steps in advance.

Then you need to try and find out what caused your data to be lost. To determine why this scenario occurred in the first place, a root cause analysis must be performed. Many times the virus is also transmitted via email so the person must consider investment and strong security. Data loss is also often caused by an operator error. The person must take the right steps to prevent this from happening again.

You must also consider whether it is appropriate to recover the data. In many cases business data can be corrupted and you must first take proper steps to recover the data. All the financial files that you need and need and that you want to return at any cost must be kept very safe. On the other hand, all the data that is not important and can be easily replicated can be reconsidered.

Naturally, you must examine your backup. It’s time to verify your backups now that you’ve selected which data is worth retrieving and which isn’t.

But in my opinion, prevention is always better than cure. When your data is lost then you need to recover the data and give it a lot of hassle.

10 Best Online Scams and Strategies to Wind Seniors Around – 21-06

Online Dating

The strongest survives – this is an old rule of all times. And there is no chance for seniors if they can’t stand the difficulties of life. Today we have out bursting situation with elder internet users, all of them are past or potential scam and fraud victims. According to statistics of a year 2012, people of age above 60 are 53% of all ones who ever tried internet. And in average almost twice they suffered from deceiver. We offer you to observe top 10 scam and fraud schemes that works with adults and fresh internet users.

1. Home scams

Declining equities in value, economic difficulties and early retirements forced many seniors to reconsider their way of life and to try additional incomes. Part-time job, working at home, home marketing and etc are frequent choice of the last. Anything they can reveal them from pause. Working at home – was the first step for searching scams in the world. In particular: seniors can do online job physically non-hard, like filling special forms or data, selling things and products, checking apps, working with surveys and etc. As a result, they waste their time and do not correspond to the money expected. What is more, swindlers used to extract retirement money from people as well as their personal data.

Brief Advice: home scams should be avoided by careful job search, investigating the company beforehand and not to be in a hurry with taking a decision to work with them.

2. Dating scams

According to U.S. Census there are 58% of unmarried women who are over 60-65, as for single seniors – about 11.3 million. Those who are interested in business are aware of these data and created more and more dating websites for seniors, they can be legitimate as well as fake. We’ve detected 3 types of dangerous sites:

  • unprincipled members who used to take financial advantages of seniors in need, single and lonely
  • free dating sites for seniors promoted like free but charge small monthly fee that indicated only mouse print
  • dating sites that rob personal data of seniors

Brief Advice: before sign up verify all the information about unfamiliar names, sites, do not send any sum of money to someone you’ve never meet in real life, try to find family roots for each new contact you communicate with.

3. Sweepstakes and lottery

Direct and smart advertisement give a constant outburst of promised wealth. You’ll get the 100% price if you enter this or choose that. Usually, people are lured taking into account their fixed income. Here we face with harmless lottery and sweepstakes, who send regular spam you your mailbox with bright letters and sophisticated prices, and devastative – harmless from the first sight but deeply infiltrate and steal personal info for further commercial profit.

Brief Advice: never share personal information even if it is strictly required by such “reputable” sites or regardless the richest award they promise.

4. Phishing updated scams

Underhanded purposes cause sophisticated actions by deceivers to fish for personal data of their victims. Such process is called “phishing”. Today it is spread widely among most powerful internet fraud and scam. As a rule, it may happen via website, phone, email. The main aim is to get credit card info, social security numbers, billing or any personal info that can be useful for financial operation swindlers may proceed. Standard hook is a performance a drama story in a simple email from a real man of importance (Prince from Nigeria or whoever), a masquerade attack, with a request to deposit great sum of money to your personal account for making further money transfer (he is really embarrassed with complex banking system). You majic help will be awarded of course, but instead your billing information would be easily stolen for black market. As a result, scammers use it for fraudulent purchases of course.

Brief Advice: be aware while clicking the links in each new email you receive, especially from a person you’ve never known, pay attention to what you doubt for, verify all information about person, identify the importance of a person who sends you such requests, his phone numbers, contacts. Proceed calls and check and report to police in case of suspicious data and spoofing.

5. Fake online pharmacies

Bogus pharmacies are the next level of online fraud. Sale with and without prescription can be really expensive for seniors, they used to find the proper price on the internet. We can meet a lot of legitimate pharmacies online as well as multiple fraud ones. Third’s world countries experience low economic level that pushes them for various online fraud such as online rogue pharmacies selling their products online. The legislative power is rather weak to control online fraud and to fix infringement. Be cautious: otherwise, you are able to purchase expired medication, wrong treatment purposes, products with other contain. Except losing your money you have a risk of contamination, hard diseases or death.

Brief Advices: proceed a research of names, address and reputation of companies before trying to make an order, ask your medical representative for any recommendations.

6. Social network scams (FB)

According to the data of 2012, Facebook has about 30% of seniors, so today this amount increased as soon as other adults become seniors. They spend their evenings communicating with family members, friends, any useful articles reading and societies entering. Sure Facebook tries to defend this system from scam and fraud but still not protected. Seniors may be potential scam victims there as well as FB platform is compatible with viruses phishing scams. More information you can read on Facebook.com.

Brief Advice: never follow suspicious links and even those that you receive from unknown persons or societies, besides trusted people can also make sudden posts on their walls, verify them, ask Facebook help center for further advice if you have doubts regarding dangerous situations.

7. Loans and credits

High-cost loans threat seniors to have more dangerous circumstances than emergencies they may suffer. Financial problems can cause a big stress for adult people, and the elder you are, the higher is the issue. Monthly fee for money lending take people into chain of high payments. The situation reverses into mortgages finally. Celebrity endorsement is another scheme of luring people into system of lending, members seek new members. Of course, the case is about high-cost payments.

Brief Advices: estate planning is better decision, ask your attorney or agency of aging for further instructions.

8. False anti-aging products

Instant search of geriatric medications or products push adults into hands of swindlers who sell Imitations and phony anti-aging products, make online false representations and etc. Perfect advertisement makes good results, it lures people to believe in miracle and to be against the nature. Vigorously they make purchases to extend their youth however face with snake oils everywhere.

Brief Advice: sure digital era does not stop its development and who knows probably soon we will be able to know the secret except plastic surgery and rejuvenating pills and injections. But beforehand ask your doctor about medications you aimed to purchase.

9. Reducing aids scams

Weight loss scams diet pills. Sometimes people get crazy about their wish to stay fit forever due to the age changes, however mostly they never provide the general investigation of the body. They agree to accept each diet pills or reducing aids programs that appear to be scams of course. As a result, seniors do a big harm to their health with unknown and undeveloped medications. Almost all of them are really dangerous. But scammers used to play on strong will of potential customers.

Brief Advice: Remember, you should always consult your doctor about different reducing ways, avoid bright advertisement, investigate and make lots of researches about each company that promises you slim fit and good health in several months. Be cautious even with “organic” and “natural” signs.

10. Fake government websites

We always smile when we speak about if we can trust the government. But we by any means want to trust the sites if they perform a government structure. Very often seniors take the sites scammers who impersonate ones from the legitimate system (government services offices that solve issues with visa, passport, certificates of birth or retirement and etc.) or grants.

Brief Advice: remember government domain must be “.gov” (never – .com, .org.), make careful research, check address and phone numbers – you may call to confirm, call official government offices to get the real information.

We will appreciate if you share this article with your parents, friends and seniors whom you know. If you met another way of scams that target seniors, let us know please to make proper updates. Do not forget to report to police. Each information is useful and will save someone’s reputation and savings.

This and other information on the site https://uadatingreviews.com/

Watch Live Football Streaming Get Your Desired Entertainment Online

Now it is possible for anyone to watch live football streaming on your PC for free. With the help of a special program named satellite direct TV, it is possible to get hold of thousands of channels online and to enjoy free online live football. If you are a fan of NFL then this is the best opportunity for you because you can watch live football streaming and by choosing the best package, you need not have to miss a single match for getting busy in your office schedule. Most of the fans of footballs are nowadays making use of the software to watch the matches online. It is possible for you to watch every NFL schedule, NFL drafts, gossips and news and the detail of the teams playing in the matches with the help of this software. You will have to find the right program for yourself using which you can start watching free online live football on your PC.

You should consider the factors which are associated with watching free online live football, like,

–> It is necessary having a computer with more than 300 MHz speed so that the computer might not get hanged due to getting slower down. The features which are necessary for the computer for playing free online live football must be installed in it; otherwise it will not be possible for you to watch the matches without facing any hindrance.

–> To watch live football streaming games or online sports you will be required having a fast internet connection that will be with a high speed service. A minimum speed of 128 kbps is required to watch the matches online, and the better speed ensures a better experience for the game lovers.

–> The version of your PC will have to be compatible with the program which will be required installing for getting experience of watching free online live football. If you are using windows XP, 2007, 2008 or vista, then you can be ensured that it will be possible for you to work with the software perfectly.

–> After you have installed the necessary software, then it will be possible for you to watch live football streaming from Europe and US. There are more than 4000 channels to assist you in this regard. You can choose the suitable channel for yourself and then you can enjoy having a pleasurable experience for getting the most desired football match to happen in front of your eyes.

–> Satellite direct TV package has proven to be the best software that works with clarity and affordability and you can easily download from here and get access to variety of channels with professionalism. The clarity is wonderful and you can watch free online live football at your convenient time.

Famous Film Industries Throughout India With Blockbuster Movies

Karnataka is a state in southern India that Kannada language as the primary, even if people who do not know anything about this could have heard of Bangalore, which is the capital of Karnataka. Like every other film industry in Karnataka India even has its own film industry based on its most popular language, to understand the culture followed in this state, just watch movies Kannada if it is on point to make their stay in this state or even those who are working in this state, it is good to have prior information on the state and the people before entering the state.

It is a common belief that most Hindi films are the traditions and cultures of the Indian community, which is also true to some degree and also the main reason to attract as many people looking for international law and learn to understand Indian culture. Hindi films mixed emotions, drama, comedy, drama and action have ruled the heart of many people in the country and also through various other countries. However, these traditional concepts in Hindi films have taken a lift and change to a better understanding to occur in everyday life.

Hindi is the national language of India, if the Tollywood film industry is celebrated throughout India with the number of Telugu films being produced each year, even Bollywood movies have made their mark at international level . the Hindi film industry is called Bollywood, which is highlighted in Hindi films and have gained a reputation as Bollywood films. The history of Bollywood films dates back to 1913 when the first silent film Raja Harishchandra on screens that was highlighted by Dadasaheb Phalke. The success of this film has inspired many individuals to think of movies in severe conditions instead of having an opinion about this at low prices.

The above fact shows that dialogue even Bollywood movies may be popular in the eyes of many spectators who become stimulating factor to win the popularity of the film. There are so many Bollywood films have been produced for decades after decades and became popular with viewers thanks to the inclusion of hit and exciting nature of dialogue altogether corresponding to sequences of events seen in movies. Therefore, we can deduce that the dialogue has an important role to play, especially in connection with the films of Bollywood to be a puzzle blog.

Popularity of Hindi films are not just limited to India alone, but they are also very popular in some countries outside India and to name some of them are Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Singapore, Dubai, where many people knowing Hindi resides. Although popularity does not guarantee the quality of a film, in this context all Hindi films are produced in a year are not great qualities, but people’s tastes differ from person to person and is the why a certain type if not the quality of the movie also gets the popularity of this variation in taste among the spectators. However, this does not mean that there is somehow the Hindi film quality is not produced at all. There are certainly good directors who made the quality of Hindi movies for decades.

Helpful Tips To Download Music At Faster Speed

Internet has made it possible to have a hold over every other thing be it music, movies, music videos, books etc virtually with the facility of downloading. Online music stores have increased due to this raving popularity of downloading the latest music albums. Therefore, whether you are novice or an expert downloader there are certain tips of downloading that can make your work fun and easy. A loud buzz is made about the online music downloads and buying online movies in the virtual community. There are plenty of choices that one can avail of while buying music DVDs online or downloading music videos and here are certain tips to keep in mind while going for online music downloads.

Tip No.1- Check the Compatibility of the Music and Movies Files
There are many formats for music downloads and therefore, it is necessary to know if that format is compatible enough with your music playing system. WMA, Vorbis, MPEG, MPEG Plus and so on are the various music formats that can play on a media player compatible to read these formats successfully. MP3 format is the most common and a better format to use as it can be played anytime with all the media players.

Tip No.2- Multi-genre Selection-
There is certain special online music store that enables downloading music of all genres. These music stores have a wide range of collection of music such as hip-hop, Pop, RnB, and Rock and so on. Thus all of your music is available under one roof and this makes your downloading job much faster and easier.

Tip No.3- High Speed Internet Connection-
Online music and online music video downloads can be a lot of fun only if you are using a high speed internet connection such as a broadband connection or a Wi-Fi. Slow internet connections take hell of a time to download just a few files and hence mar the fun of listening to the music. So make sure that you get a nice broadband connection with high speed.

Tip No.4- Download from Secured Places
Internet is prone to several viruses, spyware, adware, and so on. Generally the music downloading sites carry these viruses as it is widely known that people download the music maximum as compared to any other form of entertainment. The best way to avoid getting your computer virus infected is by downloading it through secure online music download sites.

Tip No.5- Quality of the Downloading Files-
Make sure to download music from reliable sites that offers good quality of audio files. This is really necessary and you would definitely not wish to have the half songs or songs that have poor sound quality.

Hope these tips will help you immensely in downloading music in a much faster and better way. All the best!

Arabic Entertainment Package from DISH Network

If you are yearning to savor some Arabic entertainment while residing in the heart of USA, DISH Network Arabic Packages will be your right option. DISH Network provides you the best selection of Arabic TV channels. You can enjoy the most comprehensive Arabic TV packages and channels that cater to your entire family directly from Middle East. You can relish your favorite mini-series, dramas, movies, sports, 24-hour news, talk shows, top soccer leagues, as well as newly released and classical movies. DISH Network Arabic Packages comprise of Elite Super, Elite, Enhanced, Music, Noursat, Aghapy TV and Iqraa.

Elite Super

DISH TV Arabic Elite Super Pack at $39.99/month presents the most comprehensive Arabic-language programming in US with a variety of incredible channels at a great value. With this package you can watch mini-series, dramas, movies, sports, 24-hour news, newly released, classical movies, top soccer leagues and talk shows. The channels included in this package are ABU DHABI (768), AL ARABIYA (772), AL JAZEERA (761), AL JAZEERA SPORT (601), AL JAZEERA SPORT, AL ZIKR (780), ART AMERICA (758), ART MOVIES 759, ART MUSIC (781), BBC ARABIC (606) and lots more. Al Jazeera Sports is the must-watch channel for sports lovers that include comprehensive coverage of all sporting events across the Arabic-speaking world. Al Jazeera Sport covers all the major Leagues – Algerian League, Moroccan League, Syrian League, Jordanian League, Egyptian League, CAF Champions League, African Cup of Nations and AFC Champions League. With the Arabic-language channel BBC Arabic, from the International expert in quality broadcasting, you will enjoy up-to-date news, business and financial coverage, talk shows as well as specialty programming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


This DISH Network Arabic Elite Pack at $34.99/month presents an outstanding Arabic-language viewing experience with a variety of superb channels at a great value. Elite programming includes mini-series, dramas, movies, sports, 24-hour news, newly released, classical movies, Egyptian Soccer League and talk shows. The channels of this pack consist of AL ARABIYA (772), AL JAZEERA (761), AL ZIKR (780), ART AMERICA (758), ART MOVIES (759), ART MUSIC (781), DUBAI SATELLITE CHANNEL (765), ESC-1 (762), FUTURE TV (764), MBC (766), MURR TV (760) and NILE DRAMA (763). Murr TV is a 24-hour channel focused on Lebanese and Arab viewers. It offers general entertainment programs including popular talk shows, social and entertainment programming, children’s and musical shows. Murr TV provides top-rated news bulletins throughout the day.


This DISH TV satellite package includes a wide variety of Arabic programming content that is 100% digital. The Arabic Programs of this pack consists of mini-series, dramas, movies, sports, 24-hour news, cartoons, variety shows, family entertainment, movies and talk shows. This Arabic Enhanced Pack is available at $29.99 per month presenting DISH Network channels like AL ARABIYA (772), AL JAZEERA (761), AL ZIKR (780), ART AMERICA (758), ART MOVIES (759), ART MUSIC (781), ESC-1 (762), MBC (766) and MURR TV (760).


The Arabic Music Pack of DISH Network at $10/month offers a variety of Arabic music channels in 100% digital quality. In addition to music videos, this DISH Network Arabic Pack programming includes talk shows, variety shows and coverage of major Arab-American events. This package includes DISH channels like ART TARAB (671), DANDANA TV (672) and M LIFE (673). ART TARAB is a channel devoted to classic music listeners and it plays an important part in preserving Arabic culture and heritage. Art Tarab presents a varied range of fine classical and traditional Arab music while covering important events such as the Tunis Festival, Beit El Din Festival and Qortaj Concerts, as well as operas. M life is a 24/7 satellite music channel, broadcasting a wide range of Arabic programming on live and exclusive concerts, fast beat video clips, dance videos and fashion shows. By gathering its content throughout Arab world, M Life offers a repertoire that appeal to the Arabic demographic in USA.


DISH TV Noursat (771) at $5 per month is the first and only Christian channel from Lebanon and the entire Middle East. It is supervised by the Assembly of Catholic Patriarchs and Bishops who are dedicated to promote principles of Christianity. Noursat’s programming includes talk-shows, documentaries, history, classical musical recitals and social and spiritual programs.

Aghapy TV inconvenience

DISH Network Aghapy TV (775) at $5/month is the very first Coptic Christian satellite channel, aims to serve Christians worldwide through the broadcast of spiritual, social and health-related programs.


DISH TV Iqraa (773) @ $5/month presents 24-hours-a-day program from Egypt. It is the first Arabic-language channel that offers religious, media, social and economic programs tailored to the Muslims audience. Iqraa’s programming includes documentaries, live talk-shows, dramas, cultural and educational programs.

Subscribe for any of these Arabic packages of DISH Network and galore your Arabic entertainment horizons while staying in US.

5 More Freebies for San Francisco Entertainment

5 More Freebies for San Francisco Entertainment

If the thing you look least forward to on vacation is wracking up vicious amounts of debt on your Master Card, then you’ve come to the right place. I’m here to offer advice on free things to do while visiting San Francisco. Granted, it is not wise to think that you can go on vacation without spending any money and have a good time. However, it is quite possible to be very selective when deciding where to spend your money by having alternative entertainment options that cost little or no money.

Rather than a top ten list, which can be a little long winded, I’m going to provide a top five list. My sincere hope is that you will use this list as inspiration for finding your own free or low cost entertainment while visiting San Francisco. On to the list:

1) San Francisco Botanical Gardens. The climate of San Francisco provides a unique atmosphere that allows the growth and maintenance of plants from around the world. As a result the San Francisco Botanical Gardens offers a look at plants that are rare almost anywhere else on earth. The Gardens are 55 acres and host more than 7500 plants from around the world.
2) Chinese Culture Center. This center offers resources about the Chinese culture in San Francisco in addition to many programs that are available to learn about the artistic and cultural contributions that the Chinese community has made to this great city.
3) Fort Point National Historic Site. This site has special historical significance. Its original intent was to prevent invading forces from entering San Francisco Bay. By the end of the Civil War the massive cannons that had been used for this purpose were obsolete. The last of the original 126 cannons was removed around 1900. During the 1930’s, the fort was used as a headquarters for the building of the Golden Gate Bridge. This Fort has played a vital role in our history and is worth a visit, especially considering the fact that it is free.
4) Stern Grove Concerts. These concerts only take place on Sunday afternoons during summer months but are well worth checking out if you have a sunny Sunday afternoon available during your stay. The goal of these concerts is to educate the masses and potentially inspire future musicians. A love of music is the second best gift you can give a child, second only to a love of reading. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon, and it’s free!
5) Wells Fargo History Museum. This museum is a fun side trip for the family. Not only does it tell the history of Wells Fargo as it pertains to San Francisco, but it also tells of Black Bart and other stagecoach robbers while providing visitors with the awe inspiring story of the great earthquake of 1906 and the role of Wells Fargo in the recovery process. I believe that young and old alike will find this museum to be a lot of fun, especially for the price.

If you are visiting San Francisco and need some great family friendly activities to fill your days, then this is definitely a great place to start. I hope that you can find a few more things than I have mentioned here to help fill in gaps and entertain the young and old on your vacation alike. Remember not to over plan your trip, as some of the greatest times to be had are spontaneous rather than planned.

The top five pieces of cooking equipment that your kitchen needs

When it comes to opening a restaurant or catering business it can be easy to get hung up on the smaller details. But what your business really boils down to is cooking, and therefore it goes without saying that choosing the right cooking equipment is absolutely imperative to your success.

Here are five essential pieces of cooking equipment that most commercial kitchens will require, and what to look out for when you purchase yours.

Commercial fryer

A commercial fryer is the best way to achieve flavorsome, crisp fried foods and is especially important in establishments that offer this as a predominant feature – such as fish and chip shops. With more focus being put on the safe and environmentally friendly ways to dispose of oil, many fryers now come with intelligent oil filtration systems, which can be a worthwhile cost.


A commercial grill is a great tool for giving meats and vegetables that branded ‘charred’ finish that consumers love. It can also be a space saving piece of equipment that fits well into smaller kitchens.

A combi oven

A combi oven is an integral item for any kitchen. Its sheer versatility makes it invaluable, with a report in Rational stating that 90% of all dishes found on the commercial food service operations menu worldwide can be prepared in a combi oven. Baking, roasting, frying and numerous other cooking techniques are achievable in a combi oven, and with technological advancements in cooking equipment constantly being honed, many chefs view their combi oven as another member of staff helping them achieve reliable results every time. The Lincat OCMPC61 Opus electric combi oven (247cateringsupplies.co.uk/lincat-ocmpc61-opus-combi-oven) is one of the market leaders.

A range cooker

Although not the smallest piece of kitchen equipment, a range cooker will offer you several different tools all in one place; hobs, griddles, combination surfaces and, of course, traditional ovens are all part of this unit.

Commercial microwave

A commercial microwave can offer chefs time saving efficiency and convenience that most bustling kitchens rely on. Quickly defrosting, steaming, heating and finishing food products off are all on the agenda from a commercial microwave, which tends to come with a lot more functions than a domestic unit. This can greatly reduce serving times which, in turn, will increase profits.

Top Tips for a More Efficient Restaurant

Running a restaurant in the current competitive environment can be a demanding job. It can also be a solitary exercise.

RestaurantImage Credit


Finding advice from others in the industry can be difficult, as they often see you as a rival enterprise, but improving your own skills will improve the business. A successful management style goes hand in hand with a successful restaurant.

Here are some top tips for an efficient and profitable restaurant.

  1. Always try to exude a positive demeanor. This can rub off on employees and is particularly important if you spend time in front of the house. Customers pick up on the atmosphere of a restaurant, and you can set the tone. People come out to dine to enjoy themselves. Make sure your establishment creates an atmosphere which helps them do so.
  2. Make sure you have a happy team by adopting an open and transparent style of management. This will ensure they are motivated and genuinely feel part of the team. Make sure there are open lines of communication, not only between members of the staff but also between the team and yourself.


Image Credit

  1. Make sure that you are keeping a close eye on the safety of your employees. The restaurant is notorious for workplace injuries, and tips on how to avoid incidents can be found at the Health and Safety Executive
  2. Be pro-active when it comes to tackling problems which inevitably arise in the restaurant business. This can mean keeping an eye on supply lines and the areas where you store your stock, such as in commercial cold rooms. A failure in any equipment can be costly, but reliable hardware can be found online at sites such as fridgefreezerdirect.co.uk/cold-rooms/integrated-cold-rooms.
  3. As you will know from reading the press, the restaurant business is a hotbed of innovation, so do not get left behind or your profits are likely to be hit. Keep an eye on local sourcing successes and new beverage ideas.
  4. The same applies to technological advancements in ordering and marketing and bookings. Stock control software will help with ordering and make your life easier. In terms of marketing social media is increasingly taking over from traditional outlets – make sure you on top of this by keeping customers up to date with events at your establishment.


Look out for more tips coming soon.

Healthiest mocktail recipes for summer 2019

Mocktails might not contain any alcohol, but that doesn’t mean they’re boring. In fact, choose the right ingredients and they can be just as healthy as they are delicious. If you’re looking for some inspiration to get your mocktail menu sorted in time for summer, here are some recipes to add to your must-try list.

Rosemary blueberry smash

Image Credit

Rosemary blueberry smash

For this recipe, add a handful of antioxidant-rich blueberries, a memory-boosting rosemary sprig, and a little honey to a cocktail shaker. Add lemon juice for a vitamin C hit, and shake for around 10 seconds. According to Town and Country Magazine, you can strain it through a mesh strainer into a tall glass of fresh ice, top with sparkling water and stir.

Cool cucumber

Cucumber is a must-have for any mocktail recipe as it boasts a very high water content to keep you hydrated during hot weather. The addition of lime provides useful vitamins, while mint keeps your digestive system on an even keel. For this recipe, simply blend some lime juice, mint sprig, cucumber, and honey until smooth. Pour the mixture into a glass filled with crushed ice and finish off with some soda water.

Sweet and sour strawberry

Image Credit

Sweet and sour strawberry

When making mocktails, it’s a good idea to make life easy and save time by purchasing mixes from a draught soft drink supplier such as https://empireuk.com/. This particular recipe is quick to prepare, and with its striking color, it will be the talking point of any summer party. Add antioxidant-filled honey and vinegar to a blender with vitamin-packed strawberries and digestive-friendly mint. Blend until smooth. Pour into glasses and mix in some soda water.

Jasmine and ginger iced green tea

For a refreshing summery flavor, this recipe is hard to beat. It includes green tea, which is renowned for its waft of health benefits, including boosting the immune system, assisting with weight loss and improving brain function. Ginger beer is also a vital ingredient of this recipe, and ginger, too, boasts ample health benefits, especially as a digestive tonic. This mocktail is a doddle to make, so it’s ideal if you want to prepare some drinks quickly for an impromptu alfresco party. Simply squeeze lime into a glass filled with ice cubes and add chilled green tea and ginger beer to the mix, stirring gently. Add strawberries and lime wedges to garnish.