How Do You Become A Dancer On Tv & Music Videos

You see the dancers on TV dancing behind Britney or Justin Timberlake. You’re inspired to take up dancing so that you can become just like your idols. And you find that pretty soon, you wouldn’t mind being up there yourself dancing with your very idols.

Sounds cool doesn’t it? Dancing in music videos or doing backing dancing is the dream of most aspiring dancers and if you’re reading this probably yours as well. After all when you’ve danced in a music video, that’s when you know you’ve made it, right? But how do you actually do it and find yourself on TV screens across the country?

Well there are a variety of ways. Some of them super glamorous such as being spotted by a very intelligent scout who obviously knows talent when they see it and says thats you.

If this happens to you, congratulations, you’ve truly had it made. But for the rest of the people out there, there are ways to appear in a music video that are within your control. Being scouted is generally the exception rather than the rule.

The most common route is to go and find a good agent or agency who will find dance auditions for you. Most top dance jobs come through agencies who will put you forward for jobs that match your skills and attributes.

The first rule of thumb when applying for dance agencies is to make sure you’re good enough. There is no point in auditioning for agencies if you’ve just stumbled into the industry and just picked up 1 or 2 dance moves from a dance class. Auditions are tough and you’ll need to be good to go through.

Different agencies work differently. Most will ask you to send through your CV and professional pictures. If they like the look of you and what you have to offer they may offer you a place on their agency immediately. Especially if you’ve done a lot of high-profile work or are otherwise a well-known dancer.

It’s more than likely though that most agencies will invite you to an audition to become represented by their agency. There are often many dancers at these auditions, especially for the well known agencies where it’s not unusual to have several hundred auditionees.

If you do well at the audition they may then decide to take you on. And then they’ll start putting you forward for work and sending you to auditions where you’re auditioning for specific jobs such as music videos.

There are some agencies which will insist that you do not need any experience. You should be cautious with these agencies. By all means have a look to see what they have to offer, but exercise special caution. Many operate on the basis that you give them some money to get a place on their agency books, and then they won’t send you on any auditions at all. Generally you should not pay to join an agency, if you do make sure they have a good record and send their people to good auditions.

There will also sometimes be open auditions and castings which means that you do not need to be with any agency and anyone is free to attend the audition. Open auditions can be very packed, but if you don’t have an agent yet then you’ll have to go to these auditions to start building up your CV and if you want to find work. They can be advertised in newspapers, websites and notice boards.

So all in all, it is possible to succeed and get work without being represented by an agent or agency, but a good agency can help your career tremendously by sending you out on a lot of quality music video auditions which can only be attended via an agency.