Internet En TV Taking Over Your Usual Entertainment

Gone are the old days when you have to use silly antennas in order to watch your favorite TV program. But with the existence of the internet, your TV viewing might just get even better. Thanks to companies such as KPN, the TV viewing has just got even better thanks to products like the Internet EN Televesie.

The Internet EN Televesie is an innovative product of KPN that allows you to utilize your television sets in order to access the internet. Moreover, this particular technology also allows you to view your favorite programs in HD thus increasing the value of your entertainment. But what makes this particular internet TV better than other providers that offer the same product? Here are some of the things that KPN offers in order to give you more than the usual entertainment that you get from your internet TV.

KPN Offers Its Internet TV For Free

Initially, the internet TV is offered by KPN for free as long as you have an existing internet or mobile phone subscription with the company. Although this particular product is free, the channels offered by KPN are very substantial and that you have access to over 50 channels of your choice not to mention the installation and the TV receiver are also free of charge. This feature is very advantageous since you get more from the current service that the KPN offers.

KPN Offers Cheaper Add-Ons Compared With Other Providers

If you want to optimize your entertainment options, then you can also customize your internet TV for a price of 10. Compared to other providers, the 10 is a very cheap price considering the fact that you will be able to get 42 more additional channels, extensive program guides, digital TV watching and record your favorite programs all in high definition quality. Moreover, you also have the option to have full access on the online video store of KPN so that you can rent HD movies without the need to go out of your house.

KPN Provides Transparency

Unlike other internet TV providers, KPN provides transparency to its clients thus you will not be surprised with any hidden charges or surcharges upon the installation and customization of your internet TV. This is the reason why the Internet EN Televesie is favored by a lot of subscribers who want to expand, optimize and maximize their entertainment options.