What is powered mobile racking and how could it benefit you?

Originally developed for the cold storage industry, powered mobile pallet racking is now used by a wide range of businesses looking to maximize the capacity of their warehouses.

 Mobile racking

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Powered mobile racking differs from conventional (or selective) racking in that rather than using fixed racking secured to the floor, which your employees move around, here the racks move on rails. These rails are moved electronically, using a remote control of some kind.

Moving the racks means they can be placed next to each other with no space in between, increasing the number of goods you could potentially store in your warehouse. As goods are needed, the racking is moved to create space next to the one storing the required items.

How much can you store with powered mobile racking?

Mobile racking allows you to store more than you would with traditional racking solutions because you need less space between the racks. In fact, you only need space for one aisle and this aisle moves as needed to provide access to products.

The racking itself, however, has the same capacity when it comes to the weight of goods it can handle and the size of the shelves themselves, meaning you’ll need to be aware of what you can store safely in just the same way. To work out the exact amount you can store and the amount of space you’ll save, you should work with industry specialists in racking Ireland based rackzone.ie/pallet-racking, for example.

Powered mobile racking

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The benefits of powered mobile racking

As with all storage solutions, there are pros and cons when it comes to powered mobile racking. The cons include the potentially high cost of investing in a system and a loss of productivity because racks can take a while to move and you can only access one or two at a time depending on the space set aside for aisles.

However, these are offset by the benefits gained if you have limited storage space and don’t want to increase the size of your warehouse (which might involve moving to a new location) and if you don’t have first in, last out (FILO) limitations, and where no specialized trucks are required. Finally, mobile powered racking is ideal for cold storage, making it a perfect solution for those who store perishable items.

How Much Money Are Brits Prepared to Save?

Are you proud of your savings account, or are you worried that you haven’t saved enough?

Saving money

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Either way, you are not alone – in fact, you may be surprised by the latest statistics surrounding Brits and their savings. Here’s everything you need to know about how much money British people are saving.

The Statistics

If you are struggling to save money, you may feel like everyone else is doing better than you, but in reality, that isn’t the case. In fact, 19% of Brits (so nearly one in five) don’t have any savings at all – and a large number of these people are also saddled with debt, so they actually have minus money.

However, it isn’t all bad news: around 12% of people living in the UK have over £50,000 in savings. These people are definitely prepared for a rainy day, but it is important to note that this is only a small number of Brits.

The vast majority of Brits do have some savings: around 55% of people have between £1 and £50,000 in their savings account. While this does vary quite a lot, it still shows that most British people are trying to save.

And the final statistic is perhaps the most baffling: 15% of people don’t have any idea how much they’ve saved. This means they could have some savings, they could have a lot of savings or they could be in debt!


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Why Brits Struggle to Save Money

There are lots of reasons why people struggle to save, but according to this research one of the main problems is that people want an immediate reward – which means they spend as soon as they get paid, and they struggle to budget.

If you are saving money and you want to use financial software to help, consider using software for IFAs such as Intelliflo for IFAs. This will make it easier for you to budget your money.

Average Savings

While these statistics may not feel particularly promising, it still shows that most people are making an effort to save. In fact, on average British people save around £104.56 a month, which isn’t bad at all. However, this number does vary by region. Londoners are saving an impressive £146.33, while people living in Wales are only saving around £76.22 a month.

How to regulate temperature in a conservatory

A conservatory is a beautiful addition to the home, providing extra space, filled with light and warmth.


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According to an article in This Is Money, the majority of conservatories don’t need planning permission, and they are cheaper to build than other types of extension.

Keep warm conservatory

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However, as a room built mainly from glass, the conservatory isn’t always as warm, or as cool, as you might wish. That delightful light-filled space can become overpoweringly hot during summer days and can be uncomfortably cool during the winter months.

But there’s no need to panic! There are steps that you can take to ensure that your brand new conservatory is kept at a perfect temperature so that you can enjoy it all year round.

Keeping warm in winter

Some conservatory owners simply close the room up during the winter months, but this really isn’t necessary, as there are plenty of ways of keeping it warm enough to use.

Double glazing is essential to retain the warmth generated by your central heating system, and you can fit insulating blinds that will help to trap the heat, particularly during the evenings, although opaque options are also available, if you don’t mind losing out on a little daylight.

The floor is another vulnerable area which allows heat to escape, so carpeting or rugs can help to keep the heat trapped. You might like to install a dedicated heater for the room too; for example, when it comes to designers and manufacturers of conservatories Tewkesbury company, firmfix.co.uk/conservatories, offers clients a range of options, including radiators, underfloor heating or wall-mounted heaters, all of which can help to keep your conservatory toasty-warm, even in the coldest of weather.

Keeping cool in summer

During the hottest summer days, keeping your conservatory comfortably cool can be challenging, but installing blinds can be a useful first step in limiting the heat build-up throughout the day.

Double glazing comes into its own when the sun is blazing, and if you opt for tinted glass, much of the heat from the sun’s rays can be diminished, making the room much more comfortable, even when the mercury is soaring.

Installing a fan is a useful option, but for the best results an air conditioning unit is probably the best way forward, helping you to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Sticking to the repair plan with adhesive bonding

Adhesive bonding is a great way to bond metals together. However, it is vitally important to follow the exact instructions when using adhesive for bonding purposes. Sometimes, extra tools are needed to help with strength and grip. Read on for more details about sticking to the plan with adhesive bonding.

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Advantages of adhesive bonding

Some of the advantages of this type of bonding when doing repairs include adding strength to the structure, reducing weight, reducing noise and vibration, and adding corrosion protection properties to extend the metal’s life.

Adhesive can be a great choice for repairs, but only if used properly. In fact, this type of bonding can be used with many different metals, so it is a flexible choice for any repair. There is no chance of damaging metals that are sensitive to temperature, for example. Adhesive repair jobs can be done at any pace, and adhesives can remain functional even in extremes of temperature.

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Types of adhesive repairs

Adhesives can be structural or non-structural. You can get adhesive-only bonding, a bonding which uses both rivets and adhesive, or weld bonding, which combines welds with adhesive. All types need careful handling, for example, sparks can fly from welding operations due to high temperatures, so safety is paramount.

Due to the different types of bonding available, it is important that the people performing the bonding job should be properly trained in the use of adhesives. With the right training, the adhesive as a bonding choice can be the ideal solution.

There are many different kinds of metal bonding adhesive, so it’s essential you buy from reputable stockists, such as http://www.ct1ltd.com/product-applications/metal-to-metal-adhesive/.

Preparing your metal

Adhesive-only bonding is rarer than the other two types for big repair operations. This is because adding welding or rivets can make a stronger repair. Some kind of extra fastener can be advantageous for strength and durability. You can use panel bond adhesive or urethane adhesive, but whichever you use, knowing the right way to prepare the metal surface is vital for ensuring a good repair job.

Urethane adhesives will first need a primer applied to the bare metal or treated surfaces, but panel bond adhesives may sometimes need to be applied specifically to bare metal. Always check the instructions carefully before attempting any repair job with adhesive bonding materials.

What is the Beast from the East?

Back in late February 2018, the United Kingdom experienced a long period of extremely cold weather that we hadn’t seen for many years before. People were scrambling to stock up their shelves with food as well as turning their heating up a few more degrees in a bid to keep themselves nice and warm. To make sure that your heating system is functioning at its optimum level you should ensure that you have a Gloucester Boiler servicing company visit once a year to give your boiler the once over. Boilers are one of the main ways that we heat our homes and offices and so should be regularly inspected and serviced.

These periods of extreme weather are often described as ‘Beast from the East’ this is due to the fact that the cold conditions are produced as a result of a strong wind originating from the eastern areas. This is more likely in the United Kingdom when there is a high-pressure environment over the Scandinavian region. Britain is one of the wettest and windiest places in Europe and the reason why we are so susceptible to this is that we are an island.  As mentioned before, the “beast from the East” occurred because we were hit by a blast of cold air directly from Siberia and Scandinavia. This is not usually the case. For the most part, our winters are mild and wet. If you want to know what the weather is going to do its pretty much a good bet to look at the wind direction first.

To the west of Britain is the Atlantic Ocean. Not only that but we also lie in the natural phenomenon known as the Gulf Stream. This is a flow of warm water from the Gulf of Mexico that flows over the Atlantic and around the country up the English Channel in the South and around the Outer Hebrides in the North into the North Sea. It keeps the really cold water away from us. The Atlantic generates strong winds and low pressure which usually bring in milder wet weather. If you see a weather report and the wind is a southwest/westerly direction it is very likely that we will be mild. In the winter the two fronts fight above us for dominance, the cold North and easterly blasts bring cold air and converting that cloud and rain into snow, against the valiant defense of the milder air. This time the east wind won, big time.

Watch the weather next time; you see the cold deflected to the coast of Norway where it turns the milder air to snow. This is why they spend lots more on grit and snow ploughs than we do.

How to choose a courier service

As far as many of your customers are concerned, the person who delivers their goods represents the public face of your business. That makes it absolutely crucial that you choose an organisation that provides a service in line with your business ethos.

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Consider the following points, when selecting a courier service, to make sure that your delivery partner is a good fit for your own company.

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Does it provide a tracking service?

According to a report by Small Business, a tracking service is absolutely essential, as it provides reassurance to your customers that their goods are on the way, and won’t get lost in transit.

Your customers will appreciate being able to see how close their goods are to being delivered, and a tracking system assures them that they will soon be united with their purchase. In the case of a same day courier Birmingham, London, and other major cities offer all sorts of opportunities for goods to go astray, so dealing with a reputable company with a robust tracking system is essential if you hope to provide customers with genuine added-value service.

Does it offer you a range of options?

Some of your customers might need their products urgently, so choosing a courier company that can action same-day deliveries is important. When you’re looking for the same day courier Birmingham, Manchester and London all offer relevant options, but the actual services that each company provides may differ. Make sure you understand exactly what is possible before signing any contracts.

Read the reviews

Any reputable courier service will almost certainly feature reviews and endorsements from satisfied customers, so dig deep to uncover what others have to say about their services. Of course, any delivery service will experience problems from time to time, but you need to have absolute trust that any problems or queries will be dealt with swiftly and efficiently.

Is it a professional company?

Anyone can set up as a courier service, but it takes something extra to build a truly professional company that offers a professional and reliable service. Do the drivers wear uniforms? Are the delivery vehicles well-maintained, clean and smart-looking? These may seem like mere details, but when it comes to promoting your own products, you simply can’t afford to employ anyone who doesn’t provide a genuine, professional, high-value service.

The ups and downs of the Williams Racing team

The departure of Head of Engineering Performance Rob Smedley and finishing the last place in the 2018 Formula one Constructors Championship represents a low for the once great team of Williams Grand Prix Engineering. Added to this the team has said that the cost of Formula one is becoming so prohibitive to the smaller nonworks constructors that they have questioned if they can continue at all let alone compete with the other teams. The loss of Williams to the grid would be immense as they have been a fixture on the circuit under their current format since 1977. They are a part of F1 history and legends with a sterling set of results. They have won nine constructors championships and seen seven champion drivers and over 100 race victories alongside McLaren and Ferrari. Whilst they may well be in the doldrums now one thing that Sir Frank Williams and his daughter Claire, the team Principals, are used to is adversity and glory in equal amounts.

Frank Williams had already had two false starts getting into Formula one with Frank Williams Racing Cars and a failed cooperation with Walter Wolf called Wolf-Williams Racing. Fielding a series of uncompetitive cars, Williams joined with a young new designer Patrick Head and founded Williams Grand Prix Engineering. They were to go on to record their first win 2 years later in 1979 fittingly at the British Grand Prix with the car driven by the experienced Clay Regazzoni. More success was to follow the next year when they won the first of their nine championships in 1980. The team would then dominate the sport of the next 22 years producing championship winning cars for the drivers Nigel Mansell, Damon Hill, Alain Prost, Jacques Villeneuve,  Alan Jones, Keke Rosberg, and Nelson Piquet. This success was due in part to the powerful Renault engines that were able to challenge and beat the Honda V12’s that were sat in the McLarens. The technical advances of traction control and active suspension resulted in a car that almost drove itself.

Watching these incredible machines from the Hungary F1 Paddock Club allows you to see them in all their speed-based glory. Take a look at edgeglobalevents.com/f1-paddock-club/f1-paddock-club-hungary/ for more information.

The team has not been without tragedy. Williams was seriously injured and forced to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair following a car accident in 1986. This also was the year that Nigel Mansell came within a few laps of winning the drivers’ championship before a tire blowout almost killed him and ended his dreams. The most remembered event has to be the death of Ayrton Senna in 1994. The team and Williams Senior were accused of the drivers’ manslaughter by Italian authorities only finally being cleared in 2005.

Try these winter stag ideas for something different

Don’t let the cold weather put you off organising the most memorable, exciting stag do for the man of the hour.

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Be a paintball hero

This is not just an outdoors activity. Indoor paintball sets you up with an exciting obstacle course and you will get all the messy fun you would outdoors but without the chill factor.

Hit the slopes

Grab a bobsleigh and take to the slopes to race each other as you zip downhill, then hit the bar for a beer.

River Rafting

The active pace of this activity will keep the icicles away. This is a thrilling adventure ride that is sure to leave you with great stories and memories.

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Grab your skates

A classic for winter, ice skating will appeal to your inner child. It is great fun, whether you are a pro trying to outdo the stars on TV or a novice learning to keep your balance.

Rev it up

The ultimate stag dos kick off with tank driving days. Take these beasts for a ride with the boys and you will have a unique experience like no other. The thrilling adventure that awaits you on Armourgeddon Tank Driving Days will leave all thoughts of the cold weather in the dust.

Sophisticated tastings

Research in 2018 suggested that 60 percent of men dread getting an invite to a stag do, worrying about their hangovers and their antics reaching social media. Keep things intriguing but sensible with wine tasting for a more mature, sophisticated edge. For those averse to the chill outdoors, this will keep you toasty while you learn, relax and enjoy. Doing this abroad is also an excellent way to immerse yourself in the culture while picking up a bottle afterward will make a great gift for loved ones.

Indulge your competitive streak

A day of go-karting is perfect for competitive, unabashed enjoyment. Let your inner child run wild and prepare for a bumpy ride!

Take the bus

How do you experience the epic adventures of a classic bar crawl without the hassle of walking to and from different venues in the freezing cold? Bring the party to the bus! A bus bar crawl will cater to your drinking needs and all you have to do is sit back and enjoy yourself.

Should you use a dry or water wash spray booth?

Paint spray booths are commonly used in a wide range of industries, most notably in aerospace, large equipment and industrial manufacturing. Spray paint booths allow parts to be evenly painted, hugely reducing labour costs. However, the booth itself needs a filtration system, or a way for excess paint particles to be removed. There are two main choices for this: dry or water wash filtration.

Water Wash Filtration

In a spray booth with a water wash filtration, the overspray is collected and then trapped in a water curtain. It is then deposited in a collection tank, which fills with a kind of paint sludge that needs to be emptied, and the tank must be cleaned. The advantages are that filters do not need to be changed regularly, but on the flip side, the waste needs to be emptied frequently and correctly. The water is ionized so it bonds with the paint, which either rises to the top or sinks to the bottom as sludge. This makes it easier to remove the paint particles, which have to be deposited as hazardous waster. Many water wash filtration units have a built-in waste removal process. Water wash filtration systems can be easily customized and can deal with high usage, making them ideal for large production plants. The cost of chemicals and the labour involved in sludge removal also need considering.

Dry Spray Booth Filtration

Dry filtration systems use layers of filters to remove paint particles from the air. The maintenance of such a system is often lower, although the filters need replacing frequently. The cost and installation are less than a water wash filtration system, but dry filtration units are simply not able to deal with the large volumes that water wash filtration systems can. Dry systems cannot deal with every type of paint compound, either.

Filtration for paint spray booths is a really important part of the manufacturing process as paint particles can be harmful to both people and the environment. The decision to go for a water wash or dry filter is based on many factors. Click here to find out more about choosing the right spray booth filters.

Both water wash and dry filtration offer benefits, and the scale of your operation is often a determining factor. You also need to think about price, maintenance, and space.

The rise and rise of mobile and VoIP-based voice services

The use of traditional landlines has decreased steadily in the past few years due to the emergence of so many other convenient options for communications. No one wants to sit by a landline waiting for it to ring when you have the flexibility of a mobile phone. With VoIP (voice over interent protocol), you now have the flexibility of mobile devices combined with the low-cost solutions of internet-based telephony.

First choice

BT is planning to phase out traditional landlines altogether as VoIP overtakes them as the preferred option. According to a report in the Guardian, the number of minutes we spend using our landlines has dropped by around 50 per cent over the past six years. In the same period, the use of mobile devices and VoIP has continued to increase. Ofcom reports that the demand for mobile coverage and internet connections has also continued to rise steadily.


In the past, we needed to remember phone numbers; today, devices have eliminated this requirement. The mobile devices we now use not only have sophisticated options for remembering numbers but also for telling us who is calling.

With VoIP, the numbers that users can choose vary a great deal and do not have to be limited to a geographical area in the same way as landlines. For businesses, using VoIP has a huge number of benefits compared with using the tradition landline; for a start, you do not have to worry about all the infrastructure that landlines needed. VoIP systems can generally be managed from a website and easily added to or scaled up when required.

The cost of using VoIP is also significantly less. If you want to learn about the opportunities and cost savings that you could take advantage of with a wholesale VoIP provider, contact a leading wholesale VoIP provider such as https://www.idtexpress.com/blog/category/wholesale-voip for assistance and guidance.

VoIP has lots of advantages, particularly for businesses. As the costs of running a business continue to increase, communications is one area that can be managed more effectively by drawing on the savings that a VoIP system can deliver. To use VoIP, all you need is a device and an internet connection, which means it is amazingly flexible and can be used just about anywhere.