Sticking to the repair plan with adhesive bonding

Adhesive bonding is a great way to bond metals together. However, it is vitally important to follow the exact instructions when using adhesive for bonding purposes. Sometimes, extra tools are needed to help with strength and grip. Read on for more details about sticking to the plan with adhesive bonding.

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Advantages of adhesive bonding

Some of the advantages of this type of bonding when doing repairs include adding strength to the structure, reducing weight, reducing noise and vibration, and adding corrosion protection properties to extend the metal’s life.

Adhesive can be a great choice for repairs, but only if used properly. In fact, this type of bonding can be used with many different metals, so it is a flexible choice for any repair. There is no chance of damaging metals that are sensitive to temperature, for example. Adhesive repair jobs can be done at any pace, and adhesives can remain functional even in extremes of temperature.

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Types of adhesive repairs

Adhesives can be structural or non-structural. You can get adhesive-only bonding, a bonding which uses both rivets and adhesive, or weld bonding, which combines welds with adhesive. All types need careful handling, for example, sparks can fly from welding operations due to high temperatures, so safety is paramount.

Due to the different types of bonding available, it is important that the people performing the bonding job should be properly trained in the use of adhesives. With the right training, the adhesive as a bonding choice can be the ideal solution.

There are many different kinds of metal bonding adhesive, so it’s essential you buy from reputable stockists, such as

Preparing your metal

Adhesive-only bonding is rarer than the other two types for big repair operations. This is because adding welding or rivets can make a stronger repair. Some kind of extra fastener can be advantageous for strength and durability. You can use panel bond adhesive or urethane adhesive, but whichever you use, knowing the right way to prepare the metal surface is vital for ensuring a good repair job.

Urethane adhesives will first need a primer applied to the bare metal or treated surfaces, but panel bond adhesives may sometimes need to be applied specifically to bare metal. Always check the instructions carefully before attempting any repair job with adhesive bonding materials.