Catch Epic Movies On Epix Via Dish Tv

Unlimited fun and entertainment! Yes, that is what DISH TV is committed to bring you day after day, all the year round. With so many packages and deals, there is something for something for everybody. Whether you are looking for just the basic television programming or the maximum “” you will be able to find it on DISH TV. Apart from the unlimited deals, there are several separate premium channels that one can take up along with their subscriptions. They feature different kinds of programming ranging from movies, TV shows to games and sports. You can sign up for a basic package and then add the premium channels of your choice for some additional fee each month.

There are several TV channels in the United States that cater to movie lovers. These channels are dedicated to bring you the latest and the most famous movies that one can think of. DISH Network also features a number of premium movie channels in their deals. But the most extensive network covering an unlimited number of movies is from Epix. It is managed by a collaboration of three industry giants. It is operated by Viacom with its Paramount Picture unit, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios and Lionsgate.

Epix is a new age multiplatform premium entertainment channel. It has a vast selection of movies from the partner studios which crosses 15,000. Epix airs movies from Paramount, Paramount Vantage, MTV Films, Nickelodeon Movies, MGM, United Artists and Lionsgate. You can watch original series, comedy, special concerts, Hollywood hits, blockbusters and classic movies. Epix also promises to deliver movies which are not released on DVD or Blu-Ray yet. That means you do not need to buy those movies which you missed in the theatre.

DISH TV gives you not one, but three Epic channels. Two channels are available in high definition format. Epix and Epix 2 air more than 150 movies each month. Latest movies like Iron Man, Pink Panther 2, Cloverfield, Shutter Island, etc can be watched on these channels. Epix 3 is dedicated to showcase classic uncut titles from the 70s up to the current time. All these three channels are not interrupted by commercials. Epix can be accessed on channel numbers 380, 381 and 292 in your guide. The movies can be viewed in resolutions of 1080i.

Apart from movies, Epix network also presents intelligent comedy shows. Famous artists like Eddie Izzard”s performances are telecasted. Musical concerts are also broadcasted on Epix. The channel was launched with the popular concert of “Sticky & Sweet” which had famous singers like Madonna, Justin Timberlake, and Britney Spears. Some sporting events are also covered by this channel. Epix features heavyweight boxing matches and was the third premium channel to feature boxing in their schedule after HBO and Showtime. You can also catch some mixed martial arts events in here. Few original shows are available on Epix too.